On Site Chair Massage for Groups 


Chair Massage is a wonderful way to enjoy all the benefits and relaxation of massage at any time in any location. It typically consist of 10 minute sessions focusing on back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. On site visits can accomodate 12 people in three hours.  The cost of $15 per person can be covered by employers/organizers to show apprication for a job well done. Or as a convenience to their people employers/organizers can simply coordinate the visit and have recipients cover the cost. Visits can be special rewards or becaome a monthly routine. 

Chair Massage is also available for groups in home settings. Book clubs, Mom groups, or Family Renunions can be treated to relaxation and rejuvination right where the group gets together. Again cost can be covered by the host or recipients.



Holiday Get Togethers


If you are looking for something fun and new this year consider hosting a Massage Party. Your group will arrive at my office to find a private gathering space, festive decor, refreshments and a quite room for individual chair massage. It is a fun way to get a group together! The sessions are 10 minutes focusing on back, neck, shoulders, arms and hands. There is a child area as well. The kiddos can enjoy a movie and snacks!



In Home Table Massage

The ultimate in convenient pampering! A full 60 minute table massage right in your own home. I will bring the whole set up to your home. Appoinmtents take at least 90 for set up massage and cleanup. Up to 3 appointments can be made per home visit. Service costs $110 per massage.